old yellow enzyme

old yellow enzyme

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  • yellow enzyme — noun : any of several yellow flavoprotein respiratory enzymes widely distributed in nature: as a. : a crystallizable enzyme obtained from yeast and constituted of a complex of riboflavin phosphate and a protein called also old yellow enzyme,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Yellow enzymes — A group of respiratory enzymes that catalyze reactions in the body permitting cells to respire, to breath. These biochemical reactions are termed oxidation reduction reactions. The first yellow enzyme was discovered by the German biochemist Otto… …   Medical dictionary

  • Enzyme — A protein (or protein based molecule) that speeds up a chemical reaction in a living organism. An enzyme acts as catalyst for specific chemical reactions, convertingt a specific set of reactants (called substrates) into specific products. Without …   Medical dictionary

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  • NADPH — Abbreviation for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (reduced form). N. cytochrome c2 reductase an enzyme catalyzing the reduction of 2ferricytochrome c2 to 2ferrocytochrome c2 at the expense of N.. SYN: cytochrome c2 reductase. N.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Theorell, Axel Hugo Teodor — ▪ Swedish biochemist born July 6, 1903, Linköping, Sweden died Aug. 15, 1982, Stockholm       Swedish biochemist whose study of enzymes (enzyme) that facilitate oxidation reactions in living cells contributed to the understanding of enzyme action …   Universalium

  • Flavin — For the town in France, see Flavin, Aveyron .Flavin (from Latin flavus , yellow ) is the common name for a group of organic compounds based on pteridine, formed by the tricyclic heteronuclear organic ring isoalloxazine. The biochemical source is… …   Wikipedia

  • Warburg — Otto H., German biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1883–1970. See W. apparatus, W. respiratory enzyme, W. old yellow enzyme, W. theory, W. Lipmann Dickens Horecker shunt, Barcroft W. apparatus, Barcroft W. technique …   Medical dictionary